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What does the Registration Fee Cover?

This is a once a year fee that covers insurances, administration and end of year concert trophy.

Term Fees

Terms are generally to school terms, and are normally 10 weeks in duration. Public Holidays will be listed as deductions on your invoices/statements.

Are there Discounts for Early Payment? Are there Family Discounts?

If you would like to pay your term fees IN FULL within the first 2 weeks of classes taking place, you are entitled to 10% discount off CLASS FEES or, if your class fees are at an already reduced rate this discount is 5%. Those on our $45 unlimited class package receive no further discount.


Families with 3 or more children receive a discount of 5% off class fees.


Where do I Access My Child's Information?

We have a fantastic portal that you will have access to - it contains all your financial information, class news, newsletters and class music for your children to practice. You can send us messages at any time too! Please chat to Melissa or your teachers to set it up - we are here to help you navigate your way around it but assure you it is quite an easy tool to use :)

What Happens If My Fees are in Arrears?

Anyone with Unpaid Fees from the Previous Year:

These students may NOT re-enrol until such time as all fees are paid in full.There will be no exception to this rule.

Anyone with Fees 4 or More Weeks in Arrears:

Will not be able to continue participating in class until such time as they are paid up to date in full There will be no exception to this rule.

How Do I Make Payments?

Galaxy Payments Have Gone Electronic from 2018.


All payments should be received by direct transfer, direct debit or PayPal transfer (there is no need for a PayPal account all you need do is choose the credit card payment option). Anyone who has previously paid on time with cash is welcome to continue to do so, upon discussion with Galaxy. Payment details will be clearly listed on your statements however if you have any trouble, please contact Galaxy at any time.


Do You Do an End Of Year Concert?


Dates for the concert can not be confirmed until the Griffith Duncan Theatre advise their booking intake date. When the concert date is confirmed the studio students and parents will be advised promptly.
Greta and Rutherford will each have their own concert at Giriffith Duncan Theatre (within the Grounds of Newcastle University).
Concert rehearsal dates will be the last weekend in October, the first weekend in November (Dress Rehearsal and Photos). Venue rehearsals will be advised upon booking concert dates, but will be held over consecutive Monday and Tuesday evenings in November.
If you do not wish to participate in the end of year concert PLEASE ADVISE Galaxy by the end of Term 2 (so that costumes will not be ordered and dances can be configured appropriately).

Costume Details?

Costume Account:

This is available all year round and is available to start placing money towards end of year concert costume fees. 

Full Costume Payment Due Date from 2018:

Will be required by no later than June 30 each year or costumes will not be purchased. NO exceptions.

Costume Budgets Per Class:

Please note that the amounts below are the maximum amount budgeted and can often be lower if suitable costumes can be found for lower prices.
*** Please Note That Costs Are For The Number Of Costumes Listed And Not Per Costume unless specifically stated ***

Tippy Toes - Rutherford & Greta (3 costumes) $130 for all 3
Junior Jazz / Tap / Modern - Rutherford & Greta (1 costume PER STYLE) $60 per style
Intermediate Jazz / Hip Hop / Modern / Tap - Rutherford & Greta (1 costume PER STYLE) $80 per style 
Pre-Senior Jazz/Hip Hop - Rutherford (2 costumes in total - 1 per style) $160 
Pre-Senior Modern - Rutherford (1 costume) $80
Pre-Senior Tap - Rutherford (1 costume) $80 
Pre-Senior Jazz  - Greta (2 costumes) $160 
Pre-Senior Hip Hop  - Greta (2 costumes ) $160 
Pre/Senior Modern Greta - (2 costumes) $160
Senior Jazz / Hip Hop / Modern / Cabaret - Rutherford & Greta (2 costumes per style) $180 per style
Adv Senior Jazz / Hip Hop / Modern / Cabaret (2 costumes per style) $180 per style
Senior & Adv Senior Tap (1 costume) $100
Boys Hip Hop - Rutherford & Greta (2 costumes) $130