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Ages 6-8 yrs

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Sharni Lexi Kicks
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The path to your child's Dance & Performance journey is Built Right HERE!


Watch your child discover a whole new level of belonging & confidence while being engaged in a wide range of disciplines -

all very carefully chosen to help their inquisitive minds and souls celebrate what is possible!


Whether their choice is to perform simply & purely for the joy it brings them, or if they truly have a passion to excel....

Whether their journey is part of a broader purpose to help them in areas of their life that challenge them....

Or whether - some day - they hope to stand out from the crowd.....



Your child is in Caring, Capable & Talented hands!

If you have been through our Little Stars Program for Preschoolers, you will have already experienced a little piece of the magic that will provide them the direction to move forward in their Dance & Performance education!

If your child is visiting us for the very first time...WOW are they in for a TREAT!

This is where they will begin to set their sights on the goals they will set for their very OWN personalised journey,

& they will have us right by their side ...EVERY step of the way!


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